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Dr. Dhiman Kahali addressed a gathering of 600 retired people in Durgapur and highlighted that to live for 90-100 years need not just be a dream, but can be achieved easily provided one seriously follows some lifestyle measures.  And these lifestyle modification measures are not too difficult either. One should not smoke or use any tobacco products like pan masala, khaini, jarda, guraku etc,. Even one cigarette causes lot of damage and is like a poison for the heart, brain & other organs. So, it is essential that all of us refrain from smoking & using tobacco products.

Then we should take efforts to keep BP (120/80 mm Hg), blood sugar & blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, LDLC) should be kept under control. We should also keep our weight at proper level as recommended in LIC charts being obese or overweight may lead to diabetes, heart disease, cerebral stroke and various malignancies. Regular exercise in the form of brisk walking, jogging or cycling or playing some sport is essential for maintaining physical health.

One should also treat any endocrine disorder like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypercorticism etc. Hypothyroidism is a major risk factor for CAD. Eating fresh food and including fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes in the diet keeps one healthy and also gives long life. We should also remember that like smoking, alcohol is also injurious for health drinking alcohol is never recommended to prevent heart disease.

Though the benefits of vitamin D3 is often disputed, there is no doubt that it is good for bone health. Sunlight during morning hours is very good for keeping the bone strong and for preventing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Similarly, gum health and taking proper care of teeth like brushing after breakfast and after dinner is essential as keeping the mouth cavity healthy prevents heart disease. We should also avoid too much of hurry, worry, tension & unrealistic ambitions (competitive, aggressive, Type A personality). As Dr. Salim Yusuf rightly said, in more than 90% of cases heart, disease is predictable and preventable and very often curable in case someone already has a heart disorder.

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