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25th June witnessed the grand inauguration of the Advanced Heart Failure Clinic at BM Birla Heart Research Centre, that was attended by luminaries like Dr. Smt. Sashi Panja, Minister of State (In Charge), Women and Child Development, Social Welfare, Government of West Bengal and Dr Bhabatosh Biswas, Vice-Chancellor of West Bengal Heath University.

The Advanced Heart Failure Clinic at BM Birla (BMB) will be a one stop centre for the diagnosis, treatment and management of heart failure. Led by Dr Siddharth Sarangi, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, the BMB Heart Failure Clinic is bolstered by some of the most renowned and skilled, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and cardiac rehabilitation experts. The Clinic will offer a range of services that include a dedicated outpatient clinic containing a wealth of resource as well as a dedicated 24×7 helpline number. It will also have the medical expertise and technology to provide the much spoken about mechanical circulatory support. The Clinic will be equipped with State of the art technology, including implantation of artificial pumps to augment the heart’s function. The Clinic will also house a rehabilitation program as well as a support group to make living with heart failure easier and less stressful.

Speaking on heart failure, Dr. Sarangi explained, “The inability of the weakened heart to pump adequate amount of blood to meet those requirements is called heart failure. This may result in tiredness and fatigue, shortness of breath, coughing and confusion. Heart failure can result from repeated heart attacks, unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, long standing high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, heart valve disease, primary disease of the heart muscle, infections and certain medications. We at BMB Heart Failure Clinic want to provide comprehensive Heart Failure Care combining evidence based medicine and international guidelines.”

The feedback of the luminaries was very heartening. Dr Panja was effusive in her praise of CK Birla Hospitals. She appreciated the efforts taken by BM Birla Heart Research Centre towards the ongoing government program on healthcare and the community as a whole.

Dr George Fernandes, Vice President, Operations, BM Birla Heart Research Centre, said, “We have continuously endeavoured to provide quality healthcare services at BMB. The Advanced Heart Failure Clinic reiterates our commitment to innovate and develop so that we may provide the best in Healthcare to our patients. This Clinic is the only comprehensive advanced heart failure clinic in the Eastern part of India.”

Mr Uttam Bose, Chairman – Managing Committee and Board of Governor, CK Birla Hospitals added, “CK Birla Hospitals has for 47 years provided the best in healthcare to its patients. The Advanced Heart Failure Clinic at BMB is a unique initiative in cardiac care and will be an asset to the community.”

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