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Blood Bank

Blood Processing Laboratory

BMB’s laboratory encompasses six sub-laboratories that provide a range of tests and services as described below.

Donor Blood Processing

The donor blood processing sub-laboratory determines ABO group and rh type, detects unexpected antibodies to red cell antigens and makes confirmations of rh negative status.

Cross Matching

This includes tests such as ABO grouping, rh typing, antibody screening and identification. Requests for cross matching are processed using a microtyping card gel System. Tests for cold antibodies are performed where necessary, for instance for patients scheduled for open heart surgery.

Blood Component Laboratory

To ensure maximum economy in the use of blood, this sub-laboratory separates each unit of blood into components, such as packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelets.

Transfusion Transmitted Infection Screening Laboratory

To provide safe blood, BMB’s automated sub-laboratory screens every unit for HBsAG, anti-HIV 1&2, anti-HCV and VDRL; along with testing for malarial parasites based on the guidelines of NABH and drug control of india. BMBHRC operates the only blood bank in east india—and one of the few blood banks in the country—where total core antibody testing for hepatitis B is done to prevent hepatitis-B infection even when HBsAG is negative. All parameters are screened by the enhanced chemiluminescence method; and results can be delivered on the day of the collection itself.

Quality Control Laboratory

To supply high quality blood, strict adherence to quality control at all phases of donor selection, screening and processing of blood and serological procedures for grouping and typing of blood is followed. All reagents, antisera, blood components and equipment are subjected to strict quality checks at periodic intervals according to accepted medical standards. The centre also regularly participates in the external quality assessment scheme (EQAS) programme of the college of american pathologists & christian medical college, vellore

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