Dread not the Red in times of need

BM Birla hospital is setting a benchmark, as our team comprising of doctors, nurses, housekeeping staff, and nonmedical staff not only have been working day in out for the patients but are equally enthusiastic in contributing their bit for the future of the society and the patients by donating blood. A week-long blood donation camp (14 th June to 20 th June 2020) is being organized where the phlebotomist wearing protective gear encourages blood donation. All measures are taken to ensure the safety of the blood donors and the staff who are at the blood bank. All protocols are strictly being followed while blood donation activity is being carried on. A complex cardiac switch surgery was done in an infant of only two weeks by Dr. Manoj Daga, complex open-heart surgery and valve replacement were done by Dr. Ratan Das on an elderly patient who was tested COVID negative. Another interesting case was done by Dr. Sabyasachi Pal Pacemaker was implanted in a haemophilia
patient taking all precautions. The requirement of blood during cardiac surgery is a very important factor, within this pandemic situation we have been able to save more than seventy-five lives while conducting complex cardiac surgeries. Maintaining social distance and fear of coming to a hospital has created a situation where the stock of blood is not sufficient for conducting surgeries. Hence blood donation is an important factor to save lives.

Speaking on the situation, Dr. Lopita Bhattacharya, HOD blood bank, BM Birla Heart Research Centre explained “1% of the blood donation by the people in our country, is the minimum to meet the nation’s basic medical need for blood. There has been a remarkable requirement for blood and blood components ever since the spread of the pandemic. The implementation of social distancing and abatement of blood donation had worsened the situation. There has always been a basic urgent need for blood services to move quickly in response to trauma cases, to ensure blood sufficiency for cardiac surgery, emergency surgeries, cancer treatment, and hereditary disorders like thalassemia and other ailments. This internal blood camp will maintain the basic COVID New normal, ensuring both safeties of the medical fraternity and patients as well as further embarking new standards for self-

This initiative has once again ensured that BMB a super specialty cardiac center is committed to providing quality cardiac care to its patients and ensures a safe environment with unmatched clinical excellence. During the peak time of the lockdown, we at BM Birla Hospital, have operated on a patient with this medical condition successfully. The perseverance of our medical staff reflects the good health of our patients. We’ve also made virtual medical assistance available for our patient’s convenience. Their good words are what keep us motivated through the tough times. Our team at BMB Hospital is working for the health and goodwill of our patients. We are constantly at the service for building a healthier society and a world. In these tough times, we stand united and strong to keep in check the health of our patients come-what-may.



Health Talk at Hindustan Unilever Lipton Factory

BM Birla Heart Research Centre conducted a health talk on weight loss by Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay at Hindustan Unilever Lipton Factory.
Dr. Santanu is a reputed Gastroenterologist and Nutrition expert, however, in this talk he puts himself in the position of a patient. It so happens that he himself was suffering from obesity and metabolic syndrome with uncontrolled blood pressure, high cholesterol and liver functions. He takes the audience through his journey, how he overcame and reversed his problems and lost weight of 17 kgs over a period of 4 months. He explains the principles of weight gain and loss in simple language without using any medical jargon. These lectures delivered by him on various occasions to 1000+ audiences have always been highly appreciated.

A session at Durgapur by Dr. Dhiman Kahali

Dr. Dhiman Kahali addressed a gathering of 600 retired people in Durgapur and highlighted that to live for 90-100 years need not just be a dream, but can be achieved easily provided one seriously follows some lifestyle measures.  And these lifestyle modification measures are not too difficult either. One should not smoke or use any tobacco products like pan masala, khaini, jarda, guraku etc,. Even one cigarette causes lot of damage and is like a poison for the heart, brain & other organs. So, it is essential that all of us refrain from smoking & using tobacco products.

Then we should take efforts to keep BP (120/80 mm Hg), blood sugar & blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, LDLC) should be kept under control. We should also keep our weight at proper level as recommended in LIC charts being obese or overweight may lead to diabetes, heart disease, cerebral stroke and various malignancies. Regular exercise in the form of brisk walking, jogging or cycling or playing some sport is essential for maintaining physical health.

One should also treat any endocrine disorder like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypercorticism etc. Hypothyroidism is a major risk factor for CAD. Eating fresh food and including fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes in the diet keeps one healthy and also gives long life. We should also remember that like smoking, alcohol is also injurious for health drinking alcohol is never recommended to prevent heart disease.

Though the benefits of vitamin D3 is often disputed, there is no doubt that it is good for bone health. Sunlight during morning hours is very good for keeping the bone strong and for preventing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Similarly, gum health and taking proper care of teeth like brushing after breakfast and after dinner is essential as keeping the mouth cavity healthy prevents heart disease. We should also avoid too much of hurry, worry, tension & unrealistic ambitions (competitive, aggressive, Type A personality). As Dr. Salim Yusuf rightly said, in more than 90% of cases heart, disease is predictable and preventable and very often curable in case someone already has a heart disorder.

She Power – International Women’s Day Celebrations

BM Birla Heart Research Centre is back with ‘SHE Power’ – an exclusive event of CK Birla Hospitals celebrated every year on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The event partners were Sananda (the largest circulated women’s magazine of Bengal) and Fever FM. On this International Women’s Day, CK Birla Hospitals BMB takes pride in the fact that women constitute a significant part of its total workforce and more importantly hold key positions and leadership roles that have nurtured and grown the business. The theme for this year is #BalanceforBetter. It is very relevant to the current times where a woman is exposed to a larger ecosystem in terms of her role diversity. Inspired by this year’s theme, BMB celebrated SHE Power with a series of activities:

  • Panel discussion on health & diet, skin care, stress management by women achievers. The topic for the discussion was ‘While Women’s Day celebrations last for 24 hours, supporting women for a more balanced future should be celebrated year long’. The panelists were Eleena Banik (celebrity painter), Supriya Roy (Chairman & Founder, Sugar & Spice), Dr. Dolly Gupta (celebrity Dermatologist), Kasturi Mukherjee (stress management expert from Bangalore), Ananya Bhowmick (Gold medalist nutritionist & eminent columnist), Maj. Dr. Rangana Chakraborty (former army doctor, currently associated with Unilever, RBI, SBI)
  • Health checks
  • HeforSHE ramp walk – our celebrity male cardiologists and surgeons, CXOs walk the ramp. This is aimed at messaging the society at large on the pride factor they carry while they share equal space with women, be it at work or home.
  • SHE Power Awards 2019
  • Celebrity Anchor Duo: Shekhar Manali

Heart Check-up Camp, Hindalco Hospital

BMB organised a Heart check-up camp on 5th & 6th October 2018 at Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Clinic, Hindalco Hospital, Renukoot. Dr. Anil Mishra and Dr. Manoj Daga consulted over 200 patients and offered the best advice for heart care and heart health.

Post the health check-up camp, in a press conference Dr. Mishra and Dr. Daga said: “In India, lakhs of people die due to heart disease at an early age. Awareness is the best protection against heart disease”. They also mentioned that one can reduce the risk of heart diseases by staying aware, visiting a doctor, getting BP and cholesterol checked regularly, eating healthy food and exercising regularly. They also added that tobacco, ghee, cheese, junk food, meat, fried food, etc increase the risk of heart diseases. Just quitting tobacco significantly reduces the risk. Adding fresh fruits & vegetables and heart-friendly food to our diet, exercising & walking 3kms regularly help in keeping our heart healthy. They also said that an increase in weight and obesity can lead to an increase in the risk of heart diseases.

Highlighting the topic of Silent Heart Attack they mentioned that the elderly and diabetics are more at risk because sometimes they don’t experience the pain during a heart attack. They also added that heart diseases are hereditary, i.e. children whose parents suffer from heart diseases are more at risk and hence should take precautions.

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