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Diagnostic & Lab Services

Diagnostic & Lab Services

BMB’s diagnostic laboratories handle a multitude of functions, with individual laboratories falling under the purview of two departments:

  • Department of Transfusion Medicine
  • Department of Laboratory Medicine

Department of Transfusion MedicineBlood Processing Laboratory

Licensed by drugs controller of india (DCI), our laboratory:

  • Is a blood component laboratory
  • Deals with donor blood processing and cross matching
  • Is accredited by the national accreditation board for hospitals and healthcare providers (NABH) and the college of american pathologists (CAP)

Transfusion Transmission Infection Screening Laboratory

The laboratory screens blood for lethal viruses and parasites, as per the national accreditation board for hospitals and healthcare providers (NABH) and drugs controller of india (DCI) guidelines. It is one of the only few laboratories in India that handles total core antibody for hepatitis B.

Quality Control Laboratory

This laboratory achieves the supply of safe and pure blood during all the phases of donor selection, screening and processing of blood.

Department of Laboratory Medicine

Clinical Biochemistry Tests
The laboratory is equipped to perform all basic and special clinical biochemistry tests. It deals with the analysis of bodily fluids and serums. The facility ensures smooth handling of hormone profiles, tumour markers and other tests. This is in addition to basic tests such as liver function, lipid profile and kidney profile.

Haematological Tests
Our laboratory performs haematological tests, including blood component-specific tests such as complete blood count (CBC) and other cellular-related analyses.

Clinical Pathology Division
The division is equipped with automated equipment to analyse bodily fluids for routine stool and urine checkups and pregnancy tests.

Immunology and Serology Department
This division provides accurate results for critical cases such as HIV, hepatitis, dengue and chikungunya.

Molecular Biology Laboratory
It uses a real-time PCR testing technique, which determines the viral load for HIV and hepatitis.

The department offers diagnostic services and infection control programmes. It has fully automated testing and research facilities and laboratories for bacteriology, mycobacteriology and mycology.

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