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About Dr. Shyam Krishnan

Dr. Shyam Krishnan brings with him 10 years of expertise in Pulmonology care and is especially skilled at Interventional Pulmonology procedures like airway stent replacement, Rigid & Flexible Bronchoscopy, foreign body removal, Thoracic ultrasound and ultrasound guided thoracentesis, Thermal Therapy, EBUS guided Trans-bronchial biopsy. He is experienced in Managing different types of Lung infections. He has contributions in various in publications too.


  • European Diploma in Adult Respiratory Medicine (Milan, Italy)
  • Diplomate of National Board (Respiratory Diseases) (Fortis Hospital, Kolkata)
  • Diploma in TB & Chest Diseases, Govt. Medical College, Surat
  • MBBS, B.J. Medical College, Pune

Work & Experience

Dr. Krishnan has more than 10 years of clinical expertise in pulmonology.


  • Skilled at Performing Interventional Pulmonary Procedures.
  • Experienced in management of different types of Lung infections including various types of Tuberculosis/Multi Drug Resistant-Tuberculosis
  • Technical expertise in the interpretation of polysomnograms and competent in performing medical interventional procedures like central lines, lumbar puncture and abdominal paracentesis