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The heart is the most critical organ of the human body. The heart needs to stay healthy for the body to survive. But the heart is prone to multiple diseases, problems and infections, which can hamper its functioning and overall health. These conditions would need to be treated with the utmost care to ensure the heart is fit. A person who treats the problems or diseases related to the heart and blood vessels is known as a cardiologist.

Cardiologists are doctors that have specialized experience in diagnosing and treating issues of the heart and the related blood vessels. This typically implies that a cardiologist can treat all conditions impacting the cardiovascular system of the body. Moreover, a cardiologist also provides a comprehensive evaluation of the heart’s functioning and informs the patient about precautionary steps and risks for heart diseases. He/she is also qualified to provide suggestions on how to improve a certain heart condition.

The cardiologist evaluates the symptoms of the patient and conducts several diagnostic exams to determine the state of the problem. Moreover, the general health of the patient and the underlying condition is assessed t decide with the method is best suited for treatment. In case, the patient needs surgery for a particular problem, the cardiologist refers the patient to a cardiovascular surgeon, but the cardiologist remains attentive towards the patient‘s overall heart care.

Overall cardiology is complex and involves different types of cardiologists. Essentially all types of cardiologists are clinical cardiologists that help diagnose and manage the heart problem via medications and modifications to ensure prevention. Then some clinical cardiologists specialize in treating the heart issues of children and infants, and are hence, referred to as pediatric cardiologists. Other clinical cardiologists specialize in the treatment of adults and are generally called cardiologists. Also, other clinical cardiologists specialize in intervention procedures to treat heart problems, such as balloon angioplasty, stent placement, valve repair, echocardiography, etc.

When dealing with a complex heart issue or even for a general check-up of the heart, it is important to find the best cardiologist. Most often the primary doctor, who diagnoses the condition initially, refers the patient to a cardiologist. It is very critical to ensure that the cardiologist selected is the best suited to meet requirements.

The below steps can prove useful in finding the best cardiologist in Kolkata:

Determine needs and understand symptoms: Firstly, the patient must identify the problem and understand the symptoms. The problem area must be identified to be sure to make the right selection of the cardiologist with specialisation in the particular issue. Cardiologists can be expensive and hence, it is best to determine the needs and then look for a cardiologist.

Make a list of cardiologists in Kolkata: Conduct an exhaustive search on platforms such as Justdial, Practo and Google to find the best cardiologist in Kolkata. Moreover, referrals from friends and family can also come in very handy at such times. Consider trusted options such as highly-qualified cardiologists in BMB (BM Birla Heart Research Centre) for the specialised care for the heart. BMB ensures clinical excellence with unmatched patient experience.

Narrow the list: The next step is to narrow the above list based on some critical factors, such as:

  • Private practice or hospital

  • Hospital location and proximity to home

  • Languages are spoken

  • Speciality treatments

  • Types of Insurance accepted

The proximity of the hospital is very important for a patient since, treatment might require frequent visits to the hospital and in some cases, excessive travelling would be restricted and hence, a distant hospital would not be the ideal scenario.

Evaluate the experience and knowledge of the Cardiologist: After shortlisting the doctor, know the experience and knowledge of the cardiologist. Check the years of experience, the expertise offered, specialities, success rates, referred cases, and the educational background. Moreover, it is vital to check licences and authorizations before engaging with the cardiologist.

Know the hospital and check credentials: While selecting the best cardiologist in Kolkata, check the hospital that the cardiologist works in. The hospital should be verified and certified by medical authorities and should have the necessary licences. Moreover, the hospital should be a recognised name with dignified history such as BMB. BMB has been providing advanced care for more than 30 years across a wide spectrum of cardiac ailments in children and adults. It is one of India’s leading and Eastern India’s First and Only cardiac hospital.

Check the reviews of patients about the hospital and also visit the website to check for advanced healthcare facilities, medical technologies and processes, rooms, the panel of doctors, assistive teams, awards, recognitions, patient cases, and more.

Call the doctor and book an appointment: Once the cardiologist has been shortlisted, it is advisable to book a prior appointment. Book a slot online or call the cardiologist to make the appointment.

These tips will come in very handy while finding the right cardiologist. Use these tips to find the best cardiologist in Kolkata and be sure to get the best medical treatment.
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