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CK Birla Hospitals BMB on 29th September, 2018 organized first ‘BMB Heart Fest’ in the city – where renowned doctors, chefs, nutritionists, fitness experts came under one roof to assimilate and impart the much-needed knowledge about heart-healthy living through hands-on workshop, talks and activities.

Vijay Malhotra – Executive Chef, Ananya Mitra Bhowmick – Nutritionist and Imran Sarfaraz Fitness Expert held the practical session along with doctors from BMB. This holistic awareness programme was hosted by RJ couple Manali and Shekhar, who engaged the participants in fun-filled activities that encouraged them to be more mindful about their cardiac health.

‘BMB Heart Fest’ was a platform for heart patients and the mass to get connected with the experts of this field who could help them with all-rounded guidance.

The nutritionist walked the audience through the guidelines and correct diet regime which comprised the vital tri-factors – right kind, proportion and timings of meals for every person’s consumption. The chef engaged with the audience through a practical session on the ideal manner of preparation of meals.

He gave a live demonstration of how correctly any meal can be prepared in terms of adding the right proportion of oil, spices and other ingredients as well which could be immensely unhealthy.

The fitness expert took the stage for an interactive session emphasizing on the importance of regular, rigorous physical exercises which play a significant role in burning surplus fats and calories and keeping heart diseases at bay. There is a strong inter-relation between heart diseases and lifestyle, therefore, salient cardio exercises like walking and cycling help build fitness and thereby drastically reducing the chances of heart diseases.

Presently, cardiovascular ailments have become the major killer disease all over the world with more people dying of heart attacks than of cancers, infectious diseases or respiratory diseases. Unfortunately, half the people who survived heart attacks never suffered from any symptoms before to warn them about the possibility of heart problems.

The first time they have a chest pain is when they are having a heart attack. Another important fact to note is that half the people who die of heart attacks die within the first hour. So, time is the essence and it is imperative that a heart attack is diagnosed at the earliest as well as treated promptly.

Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay, Unit Head, CK Birla Hospitals BMB said, “With an upsurge in cardiovascular diseases, the incidence of heart failure is growing at an alarming rate. Heart failure is a major, worldwide public health issue, with the number of affected individuals standing at over 23 million globally and rising daily. Unfortunately, due to unavailability of all-inclusive knowledge repository and lack of awareness, many people are suffering from cardiovascular diseases without any proper guidance.” “BMB Heart Fest aims to change that with its intensive workshops, activities and talks as every participant is put on the right track where they learn about how to deal with various cardiovascular diseases. Through this initiative we intend to make people aware about not only the need for immediate medical attention but also the importance of basic lifestyle modifications at the correct time for a complete cure,” he said.

The sedentary lifestyle followed by the global population currently doesn’t allow them to exercise regularly or to have healthy dietary habits leading to increased risk of diabetes. As our world progresses to a more contemporary lifestyle, cardiovascular disorders are becoming prevalent along with growing comorbidities.

In India, owing to altered lifestyle diabetes continues to rise which makes people more prone to heart diseases. Hypertension, abnormal blood lipids and obesity, all are risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. About 65 percent of people with diabetes actually die of cardiovascular diseases and a person with diabetes has twice the chance of developing heart disease as someone without diabetes. A person with diabetes who has had one heart attack has a much greater risk of having a second one.

‘BMB Heart Fest’ resolved to make people grasp the reality of cardiovascular diseases which could happen to anyone. More importantly, slight changes in daily routine like focusing on modifiable habits like physical exercise, giving up smoking and drinking could lead to immense health improvement in heart patients. It also educated participants about the amenities available for diagnosing the disease and necessity for consulting a proper doctor at the right time.

The experts also spoke about both in-patient and out-patient cardiac rehabilitation which had successfully reduced mortality and empowered heart disease patients to fight off modifiable cardiac risk factors. Though experts duly emphasized that positive clinical outcome of these preventive programmes highly depended on patients’ commitment to change their sedentary behaviours and being consistent with follow-up treatment.

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