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BMB organised a Heart check-up camp on 5th & 6th October 2018 at Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Clinic, Hindalco Hospital, Renukoot. Dr. Anil Mishra and Dr. Manoj Daga consulted over 200 patients and offered the best advice for heart care and heart health.

Post the health check-up camp, in a press conference Dr. Mishra and Dr. Daga said: “In India, lakhs of people die due to heart disease at an early age. Awareness is the best protection against heart disease”. They also mentioned that one can reduce the risk of heart diseases by staying aware, visiting a doctor, getting BP and cholesterol checked regularly, eating healthy food and exercising regularly. They also added that tobacco, ghee, cheese, junk food, meat, fried food, etc increase the risk of heart diseases. Just quitting tobacco significantly reduces the risk. Adding fresh fruits & vegetables and heart-friendly food to our diet, exercising & walking 3kms regularly help in keeping our heart healthy. They also said that an increase in weight and obesity can lead to an increase in the risk of heart diseases.

Highlighting the topic of Silent Heart Attack they mentioned that the elderly and diabetics are more at risk because sometimes they don’t experience the pain during a heart attack. They also added that heart diseases are hereditary, i.e. children whose parents suffer from heart diseases are more at risk and hence should take precautions.

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